ADDIVINE is integrated marketing for your ICO
We provide effective support for ICO projects. We form recognition among the potential audience and attract investors' interest. We engage all channels and promotion tools: content creation, media work, social networking, messengers, bounty programs, traffic attraction.

We offer the following services to support and promote your ICO
The visual component is the first thing that a modern user pays attention to. Proper design of your project helps to distinguish you from competitors and attract the attention of the audience.
  • ・ development of corporate style
  • ・ logo creation
  • ・ branding content
  • ・ video editing for social networks and ⠀other media channels
We focus the user's attention on the project through social networks. We form a community around the project for the spreading of information, discussion and exchange of news.
  • promotion of social pages of the ⠀project in Facebook, Linkedin, ⠀Instagram, Reddit and Twitter
  • ・ creation of content strategy
  • 24/7 communication with the ⠀audience
  • targeting advertising

Advertising model of instant action. Contextual advertising allows you to increase the coverage and visibility of your project quickly. The detailed analytics feature allows you to track every action of the user.
  • ・ display advertising (GDN)
  • ・ search advertising
  • ・ video advertising in Youtube
  • ・ remarketing campaigns
  • ・ web analytics

Post marketing remains an important tool in any niche of business. Mailing lists are suitable for a variety of purposes, starting with sales, ending with increasing trust and receiving feedback. We segment subscribers according to their hobbies, creating mailing topics for each type of the audience, thereby increasing the conversion of opening letters.
  • base filtering
  • ・ segmentation of subscribers
  • parsing of target addresses with ⠀LinkedIn
  • mailing analytics

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Vladislav Nikitenkov
CEO Addivine
Roman Savchenko
Marketing Chief
Sergey Ostapenko
Head of Advertising Department
Sergey Omelaenko
Marketing Chief
Tanya Liekh
Graphic/Web/Motion Designer
Elena Leonova
Chief Editor The Coin Shark
Daria Mogilat
Graphic Designer
Vlad Fusko
Chief Analytics
Vladimir Korba
Bounty campaign
Bogdan Chaplyna
Crowd Marketing
Viktoriya Belyavskaya
Creative Director
Maria Mikhayluta
ICO Chief Editor
Marina Yeremenko
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Inna Guk
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Daria Dorovskaya
Interpreter CN EN
Alina Surkova
Interpreter JPN EN
Nikita Dotsenko
Digital Media Manager – The Coin Shark
Nikolay Belyavsky
Digital Media Manager – The Coin Shark
Our Clients
ADDIVINE successfully implements its own projects, one of which is the media about cryptocurrency The Coin Shark

It is an international news resource, which highlights the most interesting events from the world of crypto-currencies.
The Coin Shark tells the latest news in the field of digital money, analyzes the future of cryptocurrencies, announces large-scale conferences and the loudest ICOs.
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