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  • The Coin Shark: Сonquering the Сryptospace


    After the launch of Addivine, we realized that we did not want to stop at one advertising company and continued to open up new directions. One of them was the international news media The Coin Shark. You can find out more about it from the editor-in-chief of the project and part-time space pilot – Lena.

    In November 2017, when the idea of conquering the news cryptospace arose, there were only 3 astronauts aboard our space ship: the commander of the ship – Vlad, and two pilots in terms of graphics and content – Dasha and Lena.

    The legend doesn’t tell us whether our commander understood the expression of another famous captain, As you name the boat, so shall it float”, or just wanted us scare the hell of all the other participants of the crypto world, but he called it “The Coin Shark”.

    Although our team had little idea how cryptospace ships are actually assembled, we decided to win new horizons at any price and began to prepare for the launch.

    This is the feeling when people ask you: “Are you ready?”, and you understand that you are not, but you still press “Start”, because when you fly up, there should be no fear. 3,2,1 – Start!

    The first time we found ourselves in the universe of cryptocurrencies, we were in zero gravity. Not quite understanding how and where we should fly, we looked around to neighboring ships, until we found our own style of flying. Thanks to the imagination and talent of pilot Dasha, the shark has become the most enviable bride of the cryptospace: bright, original and visually “tasty”.

    So we first learned what Bitcoin was and rejoiced at its first record mark of $20k. We got acquainted with the notion of “blockchain” and “mining,” we were no longer afraid of the word “volatility,” and we were happy to talk about this with our space readers.

    In winter we realized: in order to increase the speed, we need to expand our team. We were fortunate enough to invite to the ship two on-board engineers who are still pouring high-quality content fuel into our system. They added speed and multilanguage to us – an American pilot Dasha and a Chinese one – Nastya. Almost at the same time, Vova joined us, he is our chief technical engineer. It was thanks to him that the site The Coin Shark  became so functional, convenient and practical.

    Also, our ranks were replenished with a junior assistant Nikita, who tried on various functions, until he realized that his destiny was to tell others about the shark. A little later, we hired an assistant Inna who added space to our social networks.

    With this lineup we decided not only to fly, but to gain momentum. Every day we twist the cogs of our spaceship and set new unlimited goals. We improve the content and focus on reliable sources from different corners of the planet to be the first to tell the latest and most interesting information, wrapping it in a cover of original space characters and comics.

    We are happy with the first victories: we have been quoted by Forbes, our publications are gaining their own records in terms of views, we are invited to the world’s top conferences on cryptocurrency and ICO.

    Since the launch, The Coin Shark has been maneuvering every single day up to this day. And most importantly – we still have a full tank 🙂

    Welcome to our cryptospace!

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