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  • It’s always scary to start: the story of how we organized the first event


    We want to share our first experience in organizing a mass event of the all-Ukrainian level. Our creative director Anastasia Mozgovaya will talk about how Addivine took the first steps, filled the first bumps and said the first words in the Event sphere.

    If your main field of activity is focused around such serious areas as ICO marketing, packaging and brand promotion or whether you are creating advertising campaigns and digital promotion, then why go into an area in which you have not worked before? For our company this issue became urgent in July 2017.

    At that time, ADDIVINE was still a small SMM agency, which had no idea how to organize and conduct an event, but there was enough energy to try it in something radically new. We were striving for development and expansion of borders, and the event sphere always seemed incredibly fascinating to us. And when our CEO came in and said: “Guys, why did not anyone hold a hookah festival in Kharkov yet? Let’s do it!” – we were wrapped in a minute panic, but then we grabbed this idea with our hands and feet. So it was decided to organize the first in Kharkov hookah festival “KHARKIV HOOKAH FEST 2017”.

    For us it was new, not well-known and intriguing. At the same time, we absolutely did not know where to start!

    We saw how such festivals are held in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and St. Petersburg. We had good examples to follow, which gave us an idea of ​​how things should go and how we want it to look. Our goal was not monetary gain! It was interesting for us to learn. Through trial and error, we looked for the venue, participants, partners and sponsors, and only when deepened in these organizational moments, we realized that holding events is difficult, but maximally cool process.

    We understood that we are newcomers, and there is a lack of knowledge in this area
    Days and nights we collected all the available information that could be useful, to create something with a “wow effect”. Having created the plan of the event, having determined the venue and participants of the festival, deciding who we would invite as leading DJs, finding musical bands and performers that fit perfectly into the atmosphere – we felt more confident and understood that we made that step in the direction of AD. Events.

    It was too early to relax

    In August 19-20, we had to go through a crazy day in our lives. Installation of structures, decorations, stands. Meeting guests and bloggers from near and far abroad. Creation and constant maintenance of the holiday atmosphere. And of course the control of the festival. It would seem easier, but no, it was not easier. But, that amount of insane adrenaline that flowed in the veins of our team helped us not only to cope with the task, but to achieve our goal! Our festival was talked about. In Kharkov, in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and St. Petersburg!

    We began to plan

    After reviewing all reviews and comments about our work, collecting all the feedback, we already knew that we would not stop. Therefore, having taken all the criticism into account, we began to create a full-fledged department dealing with the organization and conduct of completely different events. At the moment, our arsenal already has many developments and more than 10 successful corporate, educational and cultural events, and this is just the beginning.

    © Anastasia Mozgovaya

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