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  • What is Bounty program: is it an opportunity to earn or an unreasonable risk?


    Crypto industry is a tidbit that can help make a fortune. Digital coins, blockchain technology and ICO are attractive to many. However, newcomers mistakenly assume that it is impossible to become a holder of cryptocurrency free of charge.

    Apparently, they just do not know that the members of the Ethereum Bounty program received up to 2000 ETH free of charge for performing simple tasks. For this reason, let’s take a closer look at what the Bounty program is, and how and where to get rich with it.


    1. What is Bounty program?
    2. What tasks do you need to perform in the Bounty program?
    3. Who needs Bounty program and what for?
    4. How is the Bounty campaign conducted?
    5. How to find a successful Bounty campaign?
    6. Which 2018 Bounty Campaigns are best to participate in?
    7. Is it profitable to earn on Bounty-campaigns?
    8. How much can I earn on Bounty?
    9. How to get cryptocurrency for free through Bounty?
    10. What wallet should I use for Bounty?
    11. What risks can accompany me during  Bounty?
    12. Why wasn’t the participation in the Bounty program paid for?
    13. How long does the Bounty program last?
    14. Conclusion


    1. What is Bounty program?

    Bounty-program or Bounty-campaign is a real opportunity to get tokens or cryptocurrency from the organizers of start-ups and ICO projects for performing trivial tasks, such as comments, reposts, likes, translations and more.


    2. What tasks do you need to perform in the Bounty program?

    In Bounty there is nothing complicated, as a rule, the tasks are simple and have a brief description for execution. If you decide to become a bountist, prepare to do the following:

    • advertise the project in social networks through reposts, retweets, subscriptions, comments, likes and any other actions;
    • advertise the project on thematic forums, such as Bitcointalk. To do this, you need to write various messages, leave comments, write posts, change the avatar and name in your own profile to the project logo;
    • translate the information about the project into any language – Whitepaper, site, articles and other material;
    • write articles and reviews for blogs and news resources;
    • shoot videos on YouTube;
    • search for bugs in software or in a smart contract;
    • develop applications, digital wallets and other IT products;
    • develop a logo, booklets, lending;
    • deal with e-mail newsletters.


    3. Who needs Bounty program and what for?

    Projects and startups on the blockchain need to be popular and recognizable among the crypto community in order to look more convincing to investors. The more investment will be attracted during the ICO, the more chances the project will have to expand and withdraw its token to the crypto exchange. Bountists, by accomplishing the tasks assigned to them, help to make sure that the project is seen, heard and started talking about. For this they receive remuneration in the form of tokens and cryptocurrency (depends on the project).


    4. How is the Bounty campaign conducted?

    It’s the best to find reliable and up-to-date information about ICO projects and their Bounty on BitcoinTalk. As a rule, on this resource, projects and start-ups provide information about themselves; it also describes in detail the distribution of tokens among the bounty program participants in accordance with the tasks they can take on themselves.

    For example, a bountist wrote a heartwarming post with links to the project’s resources, to which there were many transitions of investors who later purchased coins. The bountist receives a specified share of the amount he has attracted. Sometimes it happens that the bountist is not paid for the work done for making gross mistakes and not only.


    5. How to find a successful Bounty campaign?

    This is a question that excites all bountists- beginners without exception. In order not to be mistaken, competent sources are needed, which are not so many, but still:

    • BitcoinTalk is the resource from which you first need to start searching for information about any ICO;
    • Medium – the place where the organizers of ICO-projects place information in order to find and attract the attention of investors;
    • Bounty-ICO – a platform that provides up-to-date information by e-mail and not only.

    Please note that there is no guarantee that ICO will collect at least soft cap, which by itself excludes remuneration for the bountists’ efforts. This can be avoided and a successful Bounty campaign can be found if you carefully study the following points:

    • the reputation of the ICO team. The reputation of the organizers can be checked on BitcoinTalk if they have already managed to take part somewhere;
    • the amount of investment. Pay attention to the size of soft and hard caps. It happens that the organizers set extra-large sums, which the idea of ​​the project does not really need in. Also in order to understand in advance that the project will not collect anything it is enough to pay attention to the fee for the first few days. If the amount does not exceed $100,000, then the bountists will get a penny, or even will leave with nothing at all;
    • fixed or interest payment. Knowingly check the financial aspect, so that at the end of the work you will not get «unexpectedly» a little;
    • number of participants in the campaign. It happens that the organizers of the project set a fixed number of Bounty participants or vice versa do not put any limit. In any case, one must understand that the more people there are, the more capital of attracted investments must be to get a decent salary;
    • formulation of the task. The quality of the technical enquiry’s implementation and, subsequently, the payment depend on how accurately it is described;
    • third party. If the project has a trustee, then this indicates the serious intentions of its authors.

    Since the Bounty campaign does not need investments for participation, its participants cannot lose anything more than disappointment from unfulfilled hopes. No training guides will help to find a successful Bounty campaign. In reality, only experience and intuition work.


    6. An example of successful Bounty companies 2018

    We have compiled a list of some of the best Bounty programs which you can earn cryptocurrency with:

    • TokenDrops. After registration, the platform offers to synchronize the Ethereum wallet and personal accounts from social networks. Then you can take part;
    • Pigzbe. After registration, a list of simple tasks in social networks is provided;
    • Havven. You just need to fill out the form and become a member of the Telegram-channel, then to receive free tokens, when the ICO is completed;
    • BCIO. Pass a quick registration and start to perform tasks in social networks;
    • Credits. To get free coins you need to fill out a form, subscribe to the social networking project and specify the address of the Ethereum wallet;
    • Social Good. Register, go to Airdrop and begin to perform simple tasks in social networks;
    • CrowdToken. Register, confirm e-mail and perform tasks.
    • Efir. Pass registration in the «Participate in Bounty» tab, then perform tasks in social networks;
    • Opu. After registration, a list of social networks is provided, which must be consistently subscribed;
    • Cryptohit. Register, confirm e-mail, become members of the project groups in Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, then perform uncomplicated tasks;
    • Glad. Register in the «Sign up» tab, where you also need to confirm the e-mail. After in the personal account, find the «Airdrop» tab and perform simple tasks in social networks, for which receive the platform currency;
    • XRTFoundation. Subscribe to the social networks of the project and make reposts of several records. For this you’ll receive a reward in tokens;
    • Presearch. A new search engine developed on the blockbuster also provides an opportunity to earn. All you need is to use the system daily for searching;
    • Articlex. After registration, perform simple tasks. The platform pays the reward very quickly;
    • Castle. In this case, everything is as simple as that. We pass registration, perform tasks and get tokens;
    • Unboxed. After registering, the participant receives a list with the tasks that must be performed to obtain tokens;
    • Buff. Register, be active in social groups of the project and get digital coins, provided that all tasks are performed correctly;
    • Workcoin. Leave e-mail, the address of the Ethereum wallet and synchronize the Telegram account. Then move to the page where the tasks are indicated;
    • Ai Crypto. Perform tasks after registration;
    • KayoCreits. A unique project pays tokens to those who pass its tasks;
    • Gamex. Move to the personal cabinet, after registration, and receive tokens, which are also paid for daily site visits;
    • Owndata. After registration, go to your personal account, for which you’ll immediately receive 1000 tokens from the platform. The reward can be obtained for performing tasks in the tab «Airdrop»;
    • CherrIO. Register, confirm e-mail, synchronize personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, after registering in the social networks of the project;
    • Lapo. Here you can also immediately get 1000 tokens, just for registration, and simple tasks.

    This is not all the resources on which it is easy and quick to earn tokens. In the future, we will consider such projects in more detail.


    7. How profitable is the earnings on Bounty-campaigns?

    It all depends on what goals you will pursue. Initially, Bounty campaigns are designed for newcomers to the crypto sphere, who want to get at least a few digital coins for free. Also, whether the earnings from such campaigns will be profitable or not, upon completion of the ICO, depends not on the founders, but on the bountist. More precisely, on how much time he spent studying it, analyzing the relevance of the idea in the current market, checking the parity of the developers and the other.


    8. How much can I earn on Bounty?

    The exact answer to this question cannot be obtained, all depends on many factors – from the complexity of the assignment to the amount of funds collected by the project during the ICO.


    9. What should I do to receive cryptocurrency for free?

    To get a completely free cryptocurrency you need to do the following:

    1. perform tasks on a daily basis;
    2. save coins and wait until they grow in value, so that it is profitable to sell them;
    3. sell coins only for a fiat or digital currency.

    10. Which wallet supports the charging of tokens?

    Most tokens of ERC20 standard are developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, it is necessary to have a digital wallet, which will support ETH.


    11. Are there any risks of being involved in Bounty of cryptocurrency?

    Besides wasting time, there is nothing more to fear. We strongly recommend you not to forget about the safety of your PC and cryptowallet.


    12. Why wasn’t the participation in the Bounty program paid for?

    The only risk of Bounty is due to the fact that its organizers may simply not pay for the work of the participants. This is possible if:

    1. the project did not attract the necessary amount of investments during the ICO;
    2. the campaign was prematurely terminated due to a conflict between the administration of the resource, where the Bounty program was published, and the creator of the project;
    3. the project turned out to be a scam;
    4. the terms of participation in Bounty were violated.

    13. How long does the Bounty program last?

    Programs for bountists are on average designed for the period from 4 to 20 weeks.


    14. Conclusion

    Bounty campaign is the most promising option to earn digital coins for beginners. Therefore, if the question stuck in your head: »What is the Bounty program: is it an opportunity to earn or unreasonable risk?» – get the answer – it’s a wonderful option of additional income. You will not lose anything, and you can profitably earn in the future if the ICO project becomes successful and, moreover, if its tokens go to the stock exchange.

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