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    The head of the production studio ADDIVINE Bogdan Chaplina will talk about how the content evolved and came to life with the help of video.
    The engine of progress is man, and the engine of marketing is content. It is content that is what a person “uses”. Thanks to information, we talk, explain and encourage.

    From ancient times, the first kind of content was the sounds of primitive people. Then everything evolved into drawings that were easier to perceive and understand. There was a binding of sheet paper and a new kind of content – text. Although people used to write on clay boards and parchment, but it was more like an unborn text. As if the text passed only 8 months of its development. Further there are all the most interesting things. Visual content appears – pictures. Text content is integrated in newspapers, books, brochures with drawings. There are two kinds of content, but no. Technologies have created audio content. Man still took a step forward and we got screen content. A visual component of the content, as well as text with audio components is present at it. For us screen content is a video that has captured the whole world.
    Man has hearing and sight. It is this that video affects, involving the human brain. Of all kinds of content, video is the most effective way to convey information to a person.

    A bit about video content statistics

    According to Google, 60% of people watch more than 13 videos every day. More than half of the videos contain direct or native advertising.
    Video content allows you to increase the free search traffic and to 52 times increase the likelihood of the site appearing on the first pages of the search engine delivery.
    The community already generates over 500 million terabytes of annual Internet traffic of video files. By the end of 2019, according to forecasts, the figure will increase 4-fold.
    Your company still can jump on the ship of the development of video content, or you will be thrown there anyway. “It’s close.” This sounds like a phrase from the horror movie.
    Having a visual-auditory effect, the videos affect the person, cause different emotions and even some kind of addiction.
    When reading a book or looking at images we imagine a picture of the events taking place. In this case, the brain begins to work differently: it builds models and develops the outcome of events. Listening to music – fantasies draw what we do not see. So the brain works faster and on the nature of music creates a person’s mood. It’s good enough that one content has such an influence on a person. But when the visual and audio parts merge together, then wait – it will be hot. But, everything depends “ON” here. Is the video content created properly, is the idea laid, did the viewer understand and experience, what the content creator wanted to convey? For your video to call something from someone, you need to try to create a creative idea, to draw 2D/3D graphics or take a video, combine sound and video. It is a bit simpler in the text, but it is much harder in production.
    The main thing is that the video should be interesting for each person. Interest already evokes the thing that creates a new era of content.

    (c) Chaplina Bogdan


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