Who we are?

About US

Creative professionals with an inside generator of cool ideas and powerful solutions for your business. We work in 6 areas: marketing, video production, ICO marketing, design, PR, event organization.

Everyone entering our divine world receives effective support, emerges from the shadows, finds his/her audience and becomes more attractive to the international market.




This part of the universe is the capital of ADDIVINE. It is based on the organizational function and the combination of marketing tools: creation, promotion and provision. Our arsenal helps the product or service get everything it requires to satisfy the needs of potential consumers in the real world.


This is the Video Production studio of the Internet marketing agency ADDIVINE. Not only commercials with a creative and memorable picture are born here, but also other video formats. We know how to create a first-class visual material.


This is a cryptocurrency shrine of ADDIVINE. Here you will find effective support of ICO projects and startups at all stages, the recognition of the audience is formed and the interest of investors is boosted up.


Development of corporate identity, logo and branding is not for every taste and color, but for the target audience. This is our unique approach, which aims for the hearts just like a cupid’s arrow. We know how to establish a strong emotional connection with a person using visual contact in three seconds.


We increase the recognition of companies, projects and startups, we are worried about their reputation and image as if they were our own. At the same time, we play the game that corresponds to modern realities and trends. We have enough power and skills to bring any idea to success and influence the growth of popularity among the public.


Bright large-scale events and small events for a narrow circle are organized here from scratch. We will make everyone talk about the upcoming event and those, who missed the phenomenal event that we created in our city, our country and on our beloved planet Earth, will die of jealousy.

Our mission


For us marketing is a religion based on faith! Any marketing goal is the top. We will help you to reach it in order to be heard and seen. You will not only be listened to, but also heard and talked about!

You will become that unattainable peak for many people. Your route to success is paved through the divine world created by ADDIVINE!

Our philosophy


Every brand needs bells. You must be heard, you must be seen and talked about. Our philosophy is to create marketing that makes your brand capable of everything mentioned above.

We will help you become a new religion, your product will be of incredible value to people!