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    FEST 2018

    The commercial created for Kharkiv Hookah Fest 2018, the organizers are AD.EVENTS

    The first hookah festival in the world in the Non Stop mode, which took place on the most powerful site of Kharkov – Aрт-завод «Механика».

    This project is our site for sore eyes. It is among many works done for someone so that you want to do for yourself. This is what prompted us to organize this festival.

    The target audience is young people who want to relax and dilute their working days.

    The images taken for this work, created with the help of the participants of the dance collective «Matryoshka», resemble some sacred action – a hookah ritual that attracts with its magic and sexuality. Surely everyone would like to be next to these charming divas or to be in their place, for which the accent was made. Someone dreams, and someone embodies.

    In such a way, we would like to encourage potential guests not to sleep and not to present the whole action only in dreams, but to come and experience this atmosphere in reality.