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    An alternative territory for the interaction of participants in the market of machine learning and the cultivation of artificial intelligence

    Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is the thing of the future. New technologies are gradually entering our lives. Why “gradually” we thought, because our team is capable of significantly speeding up this process and making sure that everyone talks about machine learning. And artificial intelligence has already become something ordinary for humanity today.


    – creation of a logo;
    – development of corporate identity;
    – graphic design;
    – SMM.


    To work with the decentralized ecosystem of Legerium, we plunged into all the subtleties of creation and the importance of artificial intelligence. This helped us to feel the nuances of work in the field of MO and develop the most appropriate logo in a minimalistic Digital style.

    Since innovations can to some extent frighten and repel, we decided to take responsibility and try to eliminate this misunderstanding between machines and people. For this, purple was chosen as the primary color. It helped to create a feeling of calm and professionalism, and also to cope with the set goals.


    – full support of the project pages in Facebook in English, Chinese, Japanese;
    – full support for Twitter in English, Japanese;
    – full support for Linkedin in English;
    – development of strategy and content-plan;
    – formatting of posts in the corporate style.