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  • Porsche Center Kharkov

    An advertising video created for Porsche Center Kharkov

    In this project, we wanted to realize the feeling of direct sending to the Kharkov Porsche showroom. Therefore, we connected the shots of the familiar places of our native city with shots of the car brand, no less close to the heart.

    Kharkov is a city fascinating with its beauty, attracting high-speed life and affecting to the depths of the soul. Many have similar feelings when they see Porsche, which the reference was made to.

    At a subconscious level, we showed the energy of a car similar to the energy of the sun, illuminating not only the road of the guidebook, in the literal sense of these words, but the life of the possessor.

    With the help of sound effects, we synchronized the feelings of the viewer and the emotions that arise when driving Porsche, which so far only stands in the showroom and is waiting for its owner.