Specialties of our marketing


In this article you will not only become a participant in the journey to our world, but also learn about the specialties of our marketing from the head of the marketing department of ADDIVINE Yaroslav Alekseychuk.

“What is our life? – Marketing! “. In these words there is no pathos. After all, our goal is to destroy the boundaries of the academic term, so that everyone can study the world with their own eyes. For this, I will talk about ADDIVINE’s approach to “marketing” as a multifaceted phenomenon.

It’s pleasant that people from the post-Soviet space are becoming less and less surprised by the word “marketing” and ceasing to define it, like: “So are you doing advertising?”. Marketing is everywhere with us! And not only at the moment when we buy something. It became the same familiar part of everyday life so that we simply do not notice it. But, it is in everything and everywhere! We took this as a philosophy, which is the basis of our marketing strategy.

Let’s start with what marketing is. Imagine that there are 2 points A and B. Point A is a consumer audience, and Point B is a part that is ready to produce (often in business). You can produce absolutely everything: information, services, goods, EMOTIONS. In this case, emotions are the most important.

So, we got closer to the most important thing. Marketing is a bridge connecting Points A and B, which must necessarily be:

  • double-sided. The right to a long-term existence only belongs to that business in which there is an interchange of information between the business and the consumer;
  • affordable and safe. Every consumer experiences a lot of barriers and fears before buying (consuming);
  • both flexible and resistant. We live in a time of rapid change. 100-150 years ago, the lives of our ancestors changed so slowly that the lives of their children were virtually indistinguishable. Now there is the time of constant turbulence, where the consumer can easily lose touch with the business;
  • multi-level. The availability of information forms a wide range of personalities, where one approach to the entire audience no longer works;
  • heated. Not in the literal sense! World trends are set only by the business in which the connection with consumers is accentuated by particularly warm relations.

This is an incomplete list of qualities that should be associated with consumers. And, do not forget about the main thing: you offer the consumer not the goods or service, but the emotions that are behind them.

What is the role of the marketer in all of this? Simple and complex. A marketing specialist is an architect, builder, designer and painter in one person, as well as a psychologist, an analyst, a mathematician, a sociologist, and just a personality that masterfully combines all of the above specializations.

Now I will tell you how we build bridges between the consumer and business.


STEP 1: Immersion

The problem: “How to promote a business if you do not know anything about it?”

Solution: To become a part of it

Я текстовый блок. Нажмите кнопку редактирования, чтобы изменить этот текст. Разнообразный и богатый опыт постоянный количественный рост и сфера нашей активности требуют от нас анализа позиций.

The first thing we do when a new project comes in is going to get acquainted with people, processes, business history and even what employees do outside working hours. For a short time we pass practical internship in the company to determine its internal capabilities. This is necessary to give the consumer not what he expects, but something better and more than expected! We test the adaptability of the business, as well as the flexibility of the attitude to the consumer of all its employees – from the owner to the trainee to the position of the seller.

Only after this, we combine the information obtained with the results of the industry research: competitors, factors of influence, hidden opportunities and so on.

At the end of the first stage of the work we get a complete picture of Point B and of what is around it.



The problem: “Who is the consumer and what does he want?”

Solution: To tag along

“A woman of 27-35 years, earnings above the average, gave birth to a child, once a year travels to the sea” – it is how a target audience of the average marketer who did not even leave the office to collect data on average looks like. This is not our approach!

You need to know a consumer not personally – you need to get through life with him. Yes, indeed we find experimental subjects and become their shadow, trying to catch all the moments of their life as a person (not yet a consumer). We study their habits, desires and emotions that bring pleasure, as well as motivators and demotivators. This allows making a lot of extremely useful discoveries and qualitatively approaching the implementation of the third stage.



The problem: The consumer does not know what he wants – the business does not know what to offer

Solution: To acquaint the business and the consumer

So, we clearly understand everything that is connected with the consumer and the business. We begin to think about how to ” marry” them. And what is most important in “marriage”? Long and happy relationship, love and respect. Well and how without emotions?

The most difficult task is to find that unifying emotion that will arrange such a meeting for the consumer and the business, so that after it they want to meet again. At this stage, we are engaged in search and testing.



The Problem: Business does not know “where”, “when” and “how”

Solution: To start planning

Я текстовый блок. Нажмите кнопку редактирования, чтобы изменить этот текст. Разнообразный и богатый опыт постоянный количественный рост и сфера нашей активности требуют от нас анализа позиций.

When all contact points are defined, it’s time to start building a bridge that connects the consumer and the business. It is important to take into account the maximum of information received, because the ways, form and appearance of how we are going to build relationships are being developed. It is at this stage that we develop concepts, sketch drafts of future advertising campaigns, which will knock at the heart of the consumer at a certain time, with their own meaning, purpose and intended result.



The problem: One wants cheap, fast and high quality

Solution: To select 2 of 3

At this stage, all the visible part of our work is happening: videos, banners, articles, events and lots and lots of ​​the most necessary and useful things. There are very fast and bright results with the smallest effort, but this is rather an exception to the rules. Even the relationship between two people is a complex process. We build a whole web of relationships between thousands and millions of personalities, individuals in all manifestations.

We are marketers! We are architects, designers, psychologists, builders. We are building and we want the result of our work to become a reason for discussions of critics, pride for us and a legacy for future generations of marketers.

© Yaroslav Alekseychuk