Content marketing

Content marketing


Should You be looking for new users who are excited to buy? Then, content marketing is that «golden key» which opens the doors to the crowds of new consumers. With the help of content marketing, we bring not just an audience, but a «hot» audience ready for an instant commercial action.

What is content marketing?

Who is this monster and what does it eat? So it turned out that «content marketing» is a fashionable concept, which many mistakenly perceive as the promotion of a blog. If You are of the same opinion, then remove this «file» from memory and remember the following:

Content marketing is a marketing technology for creating and distributing content that attracts, restrains and pushes people to buy.

How does Content Marketing work?

The effectiveness of content marketing depends on understanding the desires and needs of the target audience. Therefore, before collecting work we collect detailed information about potential consumers, analyze the internal processes of the business, the current state of the market and the activity of competitors. The volume of placement and the level of its effectiveness are determined only after a thorough investigation.

Types of content marketing

Content marketing is much broader than You can imagine. To make it genuinely interesting for the reader, it must influence feelings, emotions, be useful and diverse. For natural promotion, we use articles, reference materials, lists of useful resources, question-answer, infographic, graphical analytics and instructions.

SEO copywriting

Content is our everything! SEO copywriting is a magical copywriting area and a real test for a copywriter. But, we are not afraid of anything. A distinctive feature of our optimized articles is that we write in the language of machines, but for people. Adaptation of texts for search engines promotes the site to the top of the issuance and makes it more visible.


Copuing the text in other words while leaving the meaning of the original is called rewriting. SEO rewriting is the rewritten text with the inclusion of keywords that are important for search engines.

Marketing text

You can sell «pens» not only during a personal meeting, but also with the help of selling text. We know how to describe goods tastily, so that the reader immediately wanted to buy it. We talk about the brand, product and company simply, maximally informative and charge it with emotion.

What does content marketing involve?

  • formation of strategy;
  • creation of content;
  • promotion of content.