Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising


The world is oversaturated with advertising today. Many have «blindness» or «immunity» to it. People simply do not even notice giant posters with flashy text. All because our brain has learned to ban empty information. To prevent this from happening with Your advertising, we will create and configure contextual advertising.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is the type of Internet advertising that only the target audience sees. The exact segmentation of users of the Internet network allows conveying information to the person who will be interested in it.

Why is it necessary and how important is it for business?

For example, a man likes cars and maybe plans to buy a car in the near future. So, for car dealers, he is a target consumer who is likely to open an advertisement with a car and may decide to buy it. If this man is displayed a clothing store advert, he just ignores it.

Contextual advertising quickly attracts customers and develops business, as it focuses only on targeted users. Hence, it is displayed only to those who are most likely already ripe for commercial action. Moreover, this type of Internet advertising increases recognition.

Google AdWords

This is a service for creating advertising, which will increase website traffic and sales. Basically it is used for contextual advertising. The service has many tools for creating advertising messages.


Advertising on the pages of «Yandex» and its advertising partners is created and configured in the contextual advertising Yandex.Direct.

Contextual advertising Bing Ads

If Yandex.Direct is more aimed at Russian-speaking users of the Internet network, then the Bing Ads service allows You to promote in the English-speaking market. Bing Ads imports contextual advertising from Google AdWords.

Audit of contextual advertising

We analyze the quality of contextual advertising created through Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct in order to increase Your advertising revenue and lower the cost for an attracted customer, which can be unjustifiably large, which often happens when the advertising campaign is incorrectly configured.