Creation of commercials

Creation of commercials


Visual contact with the audience emotionally connects it with the product and brand. In order to unite You with Your customers, we offer the creation of commercials.

Description of videos and how important they are for business

There are a lot of types of commercials today. Therefore, we will single out only those that most often shoot production studios.

  • Production – the most popular type of video, in which actors are shot.
  • Animation – video clips created with the help of special programs for the development of graphics or animation tools.
  • Promotional – one of the varieties of advertising videos.

The idea of ​​any business is to sell a certain product or service that would satisfy the wishes and needs of the target audience. Ideas, goals – everything is fine. But, how to reach them? How to make the product popular and in-demand? To begin with – recognizable. The market today is so wide, and there is so much competition in it that it is very easy to get lost among analogues. To prevent this, a potential consumer should be informed.

Advertising can be different. Everything depends on the experience and imagination of marketers. However, by right the most effective direction is video advertising. With its help, a strong connection with the viewer is created by influencing emotions.

Promotional videos

Advertising of goods, services and other products, as well as brand, business or company is called commercial. The purpose of such advertising is to make profit. Commercial advertising is used to promote events, ideas, any activities and other.

Presentation of the brand or demonstration of the company’s activities

We will not hide obvious things, but any company wants to dynamically develop, receive growing profits and so that the number of customers aspires to the population of the Earth. An important stage in the implementation of desires into reality is positioning. It has a strong influence on the perception of the audience. Therefore, people make the first conclusions about the company and make commercial decisions directly based on the presentation of the brand or the demonstration of the company’s activities.

Motivating videos

Much as the eyes were not burning, the head was not filled with steep ideas, and the soul did not want to create and act, there would still come a time when the source of motivation would end. Motivating videos are one of the best ways to influence certain emotions and feelings of the viewer. Before we start creating a video, our production studio defines the pains, triggers and goals of the audience, in order to accurately experience where exactly and how deeply the motivation is hidden.

Social Videos

Advertising is so much that it seems that the world is one continuous advertisement. Any promotional video aims to interest and attract the viewer, become a consumer of products or a fan of the brand. In addition to commerce there are a lot of social problems, which need to be told no less brightly and loudly. We create social videos affecting not only the public’s mental pains, but we also offer a solution.

Addivine in creating videos

We use modern-trend tools for creating video content. We adhere to the principle of three «W»:

  • without a banal idea;
  • without the material shot on the phone;
  • without mounting of 2000 year.

AD.production is the first complete video-production studio in Kharkov, which seeks to convey the message to the end user. We will create interesting video content, which the viewer will want to show friends of friends.