Image video

Image video


We improve the reputation of companies, increase the loyalty of brand and product through image ads. We believe that video content is by right the best way to communicate information, convey mood and a specific emotion to the viewer.

What is an image video?

Image videos play the role of native advertising. Most often they set the form of reputation and attitude to the company. With the help of a visual image, we transfer the main characteristics that build the image.

What is corporate shooting?

The formation of a business portrait of managers, employees of companies, office interiors and events is called corporate photography. We create high-quality images for portfolio, booklets, catalogs and corporate sites.

What is reportage shooting?

There are many types of shooting. But only one unites other genres – and this is a reportage shooting. We will capture any moment from life, we will cover the events in such a way that we will not miss any details and emotions. With the help of reportage pictures we tell and plunge into the day of the event.

What is a video interview?

Video interview is a relatively new tool for creating the image of the company, its employees, brand and product. In general, the usual interview differs only in the format of submission. During the video interview, the viewer can not only hear or read the answers, but also see the interviewee, monitor his emotions and behavior. Often, this format of interviews is used to form the image and increase confidence.