With the help of SEO sites become pets of Google and Yandex, that is, they fall into the top of the search engine output. If the site entered the top ten at the request of users, then the probability of attracting new customers will increase in the appropriate proportion.

Internal optimization

To be closer to potential buyers, customers and users it is not enough to create and simply launch the site. Resource pages must be relevant, that is, attractive and useful for search engines. In this case, the site will be in the top of the search results, which increases the audience of the company, brand and business.

This requires a set of works on the site, which is called internal optimization. Its main task is to optimize the code and content of the resource pages for search engine requirements.

SEO audit

Our team will determine whether the resource meets the requirements of the search engines, find shortcomings and develop recommendations that will help Your site to occupy top positions in search results. Errors in work are determined by a comprehensive analysis – SEO audit.

Search promotion of the site

Questions: «how to make the site popular», «increase the flow of potential customers to its pages» and «multiply the number of sales with its help» are answered by the search promotion. The influx of «warm customers» depends on the result of the search engine promotion of the site.

Output from the filters

Search algorithms of Google and Yandex carefully monitor the honesty of sites – check their content for hidden text, plagiarism and spamming with keywords, as well as for the disorderly purchase of links, cloaking, and cheating attendance. Resources that sin «SEO-chips» go straight to the hell of search engines – under the filter. Often, the owners of web resources do not know about the black promotion. But, in any case, this is a dangerous problem. If the resource is found under the search ban, it must be immediately removed from the Yandex or Google filter.

Analysis of the niche

Analysis of the niche will help to increase the attendance of the site by potential customers. Due to the influx of people who came to the address, sales are multiplying. If You open a new project, then it is vital to correctly identify a niche.

SERM Reputation Management

Reputation for the company is its «good name», «sounding» of which can be spoilt by the negative feedback and reviews from competitors, ill-wishers or dissatisfied customers. If such information is displayed by the search system first on demand, this will necessarily affect the credibility of the company.

To prevent this from happening, we not only displace pages with unwanted information from the search results, but also process the negative. This will help to improve relationships with customers.

SEO at the stage of website development

You need to think about SEO of optimization at the stage of development of the site. This will help to develop the correct structure of the web resource from scratch. This is much cheaper than optimizing an already ready resource. In the development, SEO will provide an opportunity to include in the work of the site recommendations of search engines, which will affect the position in the search issue.

Internal optimization

Performance of works aimed at optimizing within the site and relevant to the requirements of search engines is called internal optimization. It makes the site as relevant as possible on the promoted requests.

Analysis of competitors

Firm ground under the foundation of business, company and brand depends on many aspects, one of which is the study of competitors. Knowing the opponents of Your segment in the «person» can increase Your success. Such an analysis will allow taking inaccuracies into account and establishing the best moments in the work of competitors. Thus, You do not walk twice in the same «water» and can improve their mechanism of activity.

Text Optimization

However strange it may sound, it is necessary to write not only for customers, but also for machines. Yes, if You want to head the lead in search results, then the text content should be relevant for the selected queries.

Meta-tags’ optimization

This is one of the main stages of internal optimization of the resource. The Title tag describes the name of the pages, and Description contains a short description of the pages of the site. Meta-tags affect the position of the web resource in the issuance of search engines.

Optimization of images

Visual content as well as text content has no less impact on the result of issuing on the target request. Today, there is open demand that «is it still necessary to fill in the Alt and Title tags?». It is necessary and, moreover, it is essential. Search engines are not yet trained to independently read the content on images, and most likely this will not happen for the next 10 years.

Deep technical audit of the site

Minor bugs in the code, the incorrect functioning of some segments of the site will have a critical impact on the quality and speed of indexing and the effectiveness of SEO. It’s only a matter of time when errors will make themselves felt. It is better to find them in advance and take action. To do this, You need a deep technical audit of the site.

Writing texts for promoted pages

Texts on websites are not only informative articles and descriptions, but also a great promotion tool. Each separate text requires optimization, which consists in observing the volume, structure, percentage of «nausea» and water, also including thematic links, occurrences of keywords and other.

Individual SEO Strategy

SEO can be both effective and vain. In order for it to have the first character, an SEO strategy is developed; it does not have one specific execution algorithm. Actually, this is its peculiarity. For each site, an individual SEO strategy is developed.

Collection and implementation of semantics

Search Engines of Yandex and Google should see Your resource at the request of users. For this page, the web resource, more precisely the text, should contain keywords. The process of collecting keywords is called composing semantics.

Page linking

Internal linking is the process of increasing the comfort of using the site and distributing the weight of keywords. Its main task is to improve the indexing of the site by search engines and transfer of weight through pages and sections.

Monitoring positions for key queries

When promoting a website, it is very important to monitor and immediately adapt to any changes of the search results. We are helped to be aware of new developments in the world of search engines and to determine in advance the desires of potential users by the monitoring of positions on key queries.

External optimization

External optimization of a site is responsible for those factors of work which are conducted outside a site, namely for efficiency of back links.

Analysis of the existing reference weight

The reference weight is a number of links that have been indexed together with anchors. With its help, Internet users are redirected to the required web resource. To increase the effectiveness of SEO-promotion, the existing reference weight needs analysis, namely of:

  • dynamics;
  • correlation of types of back links;
  • naturalness of the anchor list;
  • density of words in the anchor list;
  • quality of referring sites.

Development and implementation of the link building strategy

In Internet marketing, the development and implementation of the link building strategy plays one of the main roles in the promotion. Few people have heard of this method of obtaining a large number of external links to the promoted site, but nevertheless its trend does not cease to develop. There is nothing surprising, because companies and brands whose websites take the lead in search results continue to use campaigns that build links.

Monitoring of external links

External links affect the formation of the issuance of search engines, and ultimately the promotion of the site. If the task of SEO-optimized texts is to «convince» search engines of the informativeness and structure of a text that discloses a particular topic, then external links «show» the number of articles citations on the Internet to the search engine.

Increasing of the reference weight

Increasing the reference weight makes the site friendlier for search engines. There are many ways to increase the reference weight. We are not limited to one particular. As practice shows, combination of methods is more effective for website promotion.

Selection of sites for placement of thematic articles

Literately written and optimized texts are a powerful tool that not only informs the reader, but also turns it into a potential client. The main advantage of this promotion is the long-playing effect. One well-written article is able to lead clients for years, provided that it will be placed on a properly selected thematic resource. Imagine what the result will be from several articles posted on different sites.

Crowd Marketing

Placement of links on thematic forums and blogs, in comments under video clips and articles is called crowd marketing. The effect of such advancement is stunning, but it is first necessary to correctly determine where the target audience is focused.


External SEO analytics involves researching the data on which the ranking of the site depends. The analysis concerns external links, positions of key phrases, signals from social networks and the speed of the site’s download.

Tracking of targeted actions on the site

Often, web analytics tools are perceived as some kind of magic wand, by the stroke of which the site should become hyped. But, it’s not. Web analytics clearly describes the behavior of visitors on the site. It’s just a collection of information which, applying correctly, can determine the desires and needs of ordinary travelers over the Internet space and convert them to customers, users and other fans of Your product.

Basic setting

Often, it is difficult to determine the true reason for the improper functioning of the site. Although the cause may actually be hiding on the surface. This is a fairly common case. And, as a rule, the problem is that the basic settings were installed incorrectly.

Settings of links between Google Analytics and Google AdWords

The setting of links between Google Analytics and Google AdWords allows You to understand how the user behaves after viewing the ad.

Settings of links between Google Analytics and Search Console

Before You start working with Search Console reports, You must grant access to these services. To do this, You’ll need to link Your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts.

We collect the fullest possible semantic core

Search engines are in constant struggle with various ways of wrapping reference factors. That is why the correct structuring of the site came to the fore when optimizing. Qualitative structuring of the site includes a detailed study of the semantic core. Today, there are a large number of ways and instructions for collecting the fullest possible semantics. But, it does not mean that they are all qualitative. Our SEO specialists make up the semantic core based on principles that proved effective in practice.

White promotion methods

Countless methods of website promotion have been developed. But, only those that are legal and approved by the search engines are called white promotion methods. Such methods correspond to the basic principles of «Yandex» and «Google» – in the top of the search results there can be only resources with useful, relevant and convenient content. Sites that have been promoted by the white methods will never get into the search engine ban.

Monthly clear and detailed reports on the work done

The correct report on the SEO promotion done should include information about the leads, the completed and planned work, the dynamics of the site’s positions and traffic.