We want to be closer to You. Therefore, we understand how important it is for You to always be close to Your customers. In social networks, people, including Your audience, lead a second life. Your business should become a part of it, to solve Your business problems.

What is SMM?

We use social networks as a complex tool for promoting and selling products, increasing recognition and attracting new consumers. We provide an opportunity to be in touch with the audience in a round-the-clock mode.

The Importance of SMM for Business?

We believe that social networks are a perfect place with ideal conditions that it’s a sin not to use for helping to start a business from scratch, make products more attractive and/or increase brand awareness. Today we use social networks:

  • for goods and/or services to receive feedback;
  • to acquaint the audience with the brand, thereby to form recognizability and deserve a loyal attitude;
  • to get feedback to improve service;
  • to involve new audiences through discussions, competitions and other;
  • to warm up the client base.

Which areas are included in SMM?

SMM marketing includes the following:

  • creation, maintenance of pages and groups in Facebook, Vkontakte;
  • attraction to the pages in social networks of new target users of social networks, expansion of the audience;
  • creating a positive image of the promoted brand in social networks – attracting a certain age and gender audience to the brand;
  • blogging in LJ (LiveJournal.Com), WordPress.Com, Blogspot and other blogging services;
  • keeping a microblog on Twitter;
  • maintaining a photo blog in Instagram, Pinterest;
  • creating and maintaining a channel on YouTube;
  • management of advertising campaigns on advertising platforms of social networks;
  • this can also include such a new type of advertising as viral marketing, as the main way of its distribution is social networks;
  • creation of a looped 10-second shorts on Coub.Com.


It is the most gigantic social network out of the running at the moment. The number of users crossed the level of 1 billion and continues to increase daily.

To order promotion in Facebook means to significantly raise awareness, attract new potential customers to the brand, the company and the product. Organized marketing strategy will achieve stunning results.


It is one of the most favouirite microblogs of users of social networks around the world. Twitter is mostly used from mobile phones.

Audience Twitter is diverse. On its pages there are all – from students of secondary and higher institutions to influential personalities such as businessmen and politicians.

Promotion in Twitter includes attracting the maximum possible number of subscribers, including potential customers. The uniqueness of the content and its ability to interest subscribers influence the success of the promotion. Therefore, of course, publishing everything without a planned content plan is a waste of time.


Everyone knows that the best platform for publishing videos is the YouTube video hosting company. The audience of the platform is constantly growing, and its developers are working on the development and integration of user-friendly functionality. Based on this, You can confidently answer that Youtube will be popular not only today, tomorrow or in a week, but even in the distant future.

Promotion on YouTube is special because it is the only web-resource on the pages of which users are delayed more than 2 minutes. Moreover, it does not matter whose page it is – of the company or of the brand. Because the visual content conveys information in a visual form and charges with emotions.


The most popular and in-demand social network in the CIS is VKontakte (VK). It became famous not only due to the possibility to exchange memes, communicate with friends, listen to music and others, but also for a set of tools for advertising, marketing, attracting traffic and promoting the brand.

Maintaining a public page in the VK helps to understand Your customers better and quickly interact with them. We are all consumers of a product. And, You see, it’s very nice when we get a quick, or even better, instantaneous feedback. Satisfying the needs of customers, companies and brands acquire a positive positioning and more chances that they will choose them.


Promotion in Instagram is a key attribute for any advertising campaign in the CIS. There is no easier way to get loyal customers and product recognition than instagram SMM.

We will create and design from scratch, or improve the existing public page in Instagram so that it will not just match the trends, but first of all will appeal and attract the attention of the target audience and excite its appetite for commercial action.


SMM is a service which the marketing agency Addivine has started to form from. Of course, for all the time of activity, we have expanded our services for Your business. We still use SMM, so that You are closer to Your audience and tempt its commercial appetite. For this we will engage in:

  • the maintenance and promotion of social profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin;
  • compilation and implementation of the content plan;
  • attracting subscribers and raising activity on the pages.