Turn-key marketing

Turn-key marketing


Despite the fact that many people use the word «marketing» as a fashionable analogue to the concept of «sales», its scale is still much more global. Marketing services literally swallowed the whole world. This is it, and not the product or service, which determines the position that the business will occupy in the market in relation to competitors.

Marketing, business promotion, advertising

The product of any business should find its potential consumers. This requires an individual approach, a powerful promotion and loud advertising. Depending on the specifics of the business, the market, the target audience and competitors, an appropriate tool is used.

What do WE do?

All our actions are aimed at achieving real results. For this, we will personalize the promotion for Your business, using only relevant and effective ways. We also help to eliminate errors that formed a barrier within the business.

What do YOU ​​get?

After carefully designed promotion of Your business:

  • the number of regular customers will increase;
  • the KPI of employees will improve;
  • the brand and products will become more recognizable;
  • loyalty will improve;
  • the costs for marketing will become balanced and optimized.

How is cooperation going on and how much does it cost?

After a personal meeting or discussion of the issue in the telephone mode, we offer solutions that will be the most optimal for the task set before us – integrated turn-key marketing. After discussing all the nuances, we proceed to point analysis of problem marketing places to develop a strategy that will lead to a result that satisfies Your business.

The cost of marketing is affected by the format of the solution – how the marketing process will be carried out, and the duration of the decision that can be short-term or long-term. The final cost of the service depends on the complexity of the goal.

  1. What does the integrated turn-key marketing include
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Internet Marketing:

– SEO;

– SMM;

– PPC;

– e-mail marketing.

  • Packaging brand:

– brand book;

– corporate identity;

– guideline.

  • Landing / site development
  • Analysis of promotion tools
  • PR

Turn-key marketing:

Marketing research

The main goal of marketing research is to study the understanding of the behavior, preferences, desires of consumers and competitors. Also the definition of how and to what extent the market will change with the appearance of Your products in it, or when its main characteristics change. With the help of marketing research it is possible to assume the result of promotion.

What do WE do?

  • Carry out a comprehensive market analysis.
  • Analyze the competitors.
  • Determine the target audience.
  • Establish the specifics of the goods or services.
  • Provide recommendations.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Information on the latest market trends.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment.
  • Research of the main channels of promotion and sales of products.

Development of marketing strategy

The market is characterized by unpredictable changes. In order for Your product not only to keep positions, but also to advance to leadership during the next change, Your company needs to learn how to respond quickly to the jumps of trends within the market. To do this, it is necessary to clearly develop tactics that will determine how to act and what tasks to solve first of all during the next incident. This set of actions is called a marketing strategy. Without it, it is impossible to successfully promote business in social networks, in particular on the Internet, and in the real world.

This will be relevant if You are:

  • a company that has just started its activities;
  • a company that aspires to move to the leading positions in the market, and also wants to occupy new segments in order to scale the business;
  • an entrepreneur who is going through bad times.

What do WE do?

  • Define strategic goals.
  • Carry out the marketing analysis.
  • Choose a development strategy.
  • Accompany and control at all stages of the strategy implementation.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • A new influx of consumers.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Confident position in the market.
  • The ability to conquer new market segments and expand the geographic boundaries of sales.

Design (Corporate identity development, Naming, Title development, Logo creation)

The success of the promotion of goods, product or service largely depends on the correctness of creating an attractive image. Our team is working on the formation of a new style or improvement of the old one, taking into account a balanced and thoughtful strategy.

What do WE do?

  • Analyze the current trend of Your segment in the market.
  • Investigate the target audience.
  • Study what the company is for the consumer.
  • Form the idea of ​​the brand: corporate identity, naming, logo.
  • Develop a presentation of a new style in several variants.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Maximum recognizability.
  • A unique on the market, corporate style that will set You apart from competitors.
  • New consumers.

Landing / site development

The development of a landing / website is an online marketing site that provides an opportunity for a company to actively involve people in goods and services. This is one of the best ways to communicate with the target audience, which increases the level of its loyalty.

This will be relevant if You are:

  • a businessman or an entrepreneur who seeks to develop his activities in the Internet environment with the subsequent attraction of new consumers.

What do WE do?

  • Develop a landing / site in accordance with the corporate style.
  • Develop infographics.
  • Create pages with a unique design.
  • Analyze the behavior of users.
  • Fill the site with unique content.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Increase of the visitors’ loyalty.
  • Convenient opportunity to communicate with Your audience and attract a new one.
  • An information platform that will attract partners.
  • High conversion.
  • The right call to buy.
  • Unique selling texts.
  • Effective use of the advertising budget.

Content marketing

Our team uses this marketing tool to attract and retain users by distributing content that stimulates the implementation of a certain commercial action.

What do WE do?

  • Make a strategy, choose a site and form a content plan;
  • Create unique and valuable content.
  • Distribute the content;
  • Analyze the results.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Brand recognition.
  • Forming the image of expertise in the industry.
  • Audience trust.
  • Traffic, leads, conversion and sales.
  • Improved brand positioning.

Contextual advertising

It is necessary to properly attract new users and win their trust. For this we use one of the modern and relevant tools that focuses on modern trends – contextual advertising.

What do WE do?

  • Rate KPI.
  • Set goals for the SMART system.
  • Define and focus on the target audience.
  • Choose categories of goods and services.
  • Take into account the seasonal forecast.
  • Demonstrate only trading advantages.
  • Use geotargeting.
  • Determine the possible risks.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Ability to attract more targeted traffic.
  • Possibility to increase the conversion of the site.
  • Opportunity to increase business efficiency.
  • In-depth analysis of site visitors.


With the help of SEO, we carry out a set of measures to win top positions in the results of the search systems’ output, regarding certain requests on the Internet.

What do WE do?

  • Carry out technical SEO-audit.
  • Analyze the competitors.
  • Remove the sanctions of search systems.
  • Use safe tools for website promotion.
  • Provide a detailed report on the work done.

What do YOU get?

  • Possibility to win a position in the TOP-10 of the search system’s output.
  • Effective search optimization and website promotion.
  • New customers.


We attract the attention of potential consumers, assisting in the promotion of business, using one of the modern ways of promotion through social networks. We create sustainable communication with customers with further lead generation.

What do WE do?

  • Create communities and carry out business promotion in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • Develop a content plan, using which we conduct community support.
  • Write unique texts and create high-quality content.
  • Plan and conduct an advertising campaign.
  • Form the brand recognition.
  • Increase the activity of users.
  • Warm up the client base for further interaction.
  • Conduct social networks in accordance with the corporate brand style.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Interrelation with potential clients.
  • Increased number of sales.
  • Significant savings on the cost of lead and advertising.
  • Ability to accurately assess the needs of customers.
  • Recognition.
  • Trust of the target audience.

E-mail marketing

We will not only help to attract new customers, but also make people fall in love with Your product and services. Integrated E-mail marketing on a turn-key basis will increase the number of regular customers, which will positively affect sales and reduce marketing and advertising expenses.

What do WE do?

  • Increase the conversion of marketing campaigns.
  • Raise the ROI.
  • Maximize LTV.
  • Generate repeat sales.
  • Write an attractive text with a viable call to action.
  • Carry out mailing on the basis of received contacts or business.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • New interested consumers.
  • Increased sales.
  • Opportunity to get closer to consumers.
  • New channels of service promotion.

PR (Collaboration with bloggers, Press releases, Announcements, Comments and articles, Press kits)

We create a positive impression of the audience about the company, its services and products. We influence the opinion of the target audience. For this we develop and use effective advertising tools.

What do WE do?

  • Develop a PR campaign from scratch.
  • Establish the means for conducting a PR campaign.
  • Establish communication channels with bloggers
  • Create and publish on third-party information resources press releases, announcements, articles and press kits.
  • Distribute video content on TV, video resources.
  • Monitor and analyze key indicators.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Opportunity to attract a new audience.
  • Cooperation with new partners.
  • Your brand will be talked more often.
  • Increased recognition.
  • Confidence among the audience.

Creating commercials

We create a variety of commercials for Your company, its services and products. We stimulate interest and reduce barriers of perception, increase sales and recognition.

What do WE do?

  • Develop the script and the main concept of the video series.
  • Take care of all the technical points – from the search for actors to the installation of the video.
  • Create a video in accordance with the specifics of the company.

What do YOU get?

  • A visual and universal tool for attracting customers.

Analysis of promotion tools

Audit of advertising campaigns is more important for the promotion of a product or service on the network. With it, we will leave competitors of Your business behind You and help to avoid reduction and inefficient use of the advertising budget.

What do WE do?

  • Study the web resources of Your competitors.
  • Compare Your competitors with each other.
  • Check the cost of selling such products by competitors.
  • Analyze key queries.
  • Look for ineffective advertising solutions, problematic and narrow zones in the advertising campaign.

What do YOU ​​get?

  • Detailed audit of the advertising campaign.
  • The ability to save on marketing and advertising.
  • Recommendations for the elimination of gross errors.
  • Plan for optimization of the advertising campaign.